Oh Honey! – Honey Soundsystem

Bearded Lady Productions Presents

Oh Honey! – Honey Soundsystem

Bouffant Bouffant, Tristan Dufrene

Thu · September 27, 2018

7:00 pm

$0.00 - $18.00

This event is 18 and over

A night dedicated to the finest DJs in the queer community. An inclusive party with an exclusive sound.


Oh Honey! We don’t care how old you are, how pretty you may be, or what you stick your no-no in; we want you to come out and leave your worries at the door.


A lot of people have been asking what Bearded Lady Productions is about. We are a newly formed concert/event production company. Our goal is curate pop-up events featuring eclectic lineups, utilize avant-garde/DIY production techniques, and amplifying world-class sound at our events. We are using our launch to showcase our commitment to working together with local business and non-profit organizations to bring new event spaces and experiences to New Orleans. We want to feature different genres and styles of music which you may not be familiar with. Let the Bearded Ladies handle your entertainment for the night, honey!

Honey Soundsystem
Honey Soundsystem is a collective of disc jockeys, musicians, performers and designers. Initially conceived by Ken Woodard and Jacob Sperber in January 2006, after seeing gaps in San Francisco nightlife.

Inspired by pivotal gay underground parties of the past, they saw an opportunity to take their nights in a new direction from what was currently being presented musically in mainstream gay culture. Over the last decade the crew has been comprised of various members sharing a similar vision. Presently the roster includes Jacob Sperber, Jason Kendig, and Robert Yang while some members have moved on to new projects.

In 2008 they launched a weekly Sunday night party that would run for five years, before ending in October 2013. Their residency in SF hosted DJ’s from around the world, including DJ Sprinkles, Todd Terje, Prosumer, Boris, Steffi, Horse Meat Disco, Discodromo, Eric Duncan, Derek Plaslaiko, Maurice Fulton, Kink, Ivan Smagghe, Traxx, Silent Servant, Daniel Wang, Hunee, Optimo, Derrick Carter, Portable, Hard Ton, Tim Sweeney, Kim Ann Foxman, Mr. Ties, Honey Dijon, Steve Fabus, Bobby Viteritti, and Mike Servito. By the time the Sunday events ended, the crew went on to throw a steady stream of larger, one-off parties and the occasional underground. The crew is known to build massive, elaborate, party-specific installations to enhance their late-night soirees.

Musically, Honey has embarked on many ventures to transform the community of the queer dance underground. The crew resurrected the lost gay porn soundtracks of San Francisco’s Hi-NRG producer Patrick Cowley. They established a record label Honey Soundsystem Records to release music from their favorite underground producers like Justin Cudmore, Mike Servito, Beesmunt Soundsystem and 2017’s breakout DJ/producer Octo Octa. They travel as a crew and as solo artists to perform critically acclaimed sets in the North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Honey have carved out their place in dance music history and continually connect the past with the future. As the crew continue to build their reputation at home and overseas, they find new ways to share their passion for the music they love.
Bouffant Bouffant
Bouffant Bouffant is a music selector and party starter from New Orleans, Louisiana. He's responsible for an onslaught of New Orlean's best club nights as well as his collaborative efforts as DJ duo Babygirl and wild rave collective Trax Only. Sunset to sunrise, heavy-petting to cocktail hour, Bouffant Bouffant wears the blue collar for disc-jockey - he's played all the slots and won. You can find him at home at his monthly dance party Gimme a Reason in New Orleans or at one of his many national and international bookings throughout the year.
Tristan Dufrene
Venue Information:
Joy Theater
1200 Canal St
New Orleans, LA, 70112